Monday, January 17, 2011

Ricky Gervais is the Man (Yet I Still Didn't Watch the Golden Globes)

He might have to go back to the UK permanently, but f*ckit.

Listen, Robert Downey Jr., 'cause I like you a lot... I think you're hilarious and an excellent actor to boot... but if you're gonna do a monologue about the downside of going "full retard" in Tropic Thunder, you can't get pissy about Ricky Gervais making a rehab joke that a million people have already made. Okay, they didn't do it to your face.

But let's be real. The only reason I'm writing about the awards show at all is Gervais's dry, acerbic — and really funny — jokes. Who talks about the Golden Globes the day after? No one I normally run into at the coffee station, that's for sure. This at least got people talking about the show.

So kudos to you, Ricky Gervais, even if you did get pulled backstage and apparently neutered mid-show. You may never work in Hollywood again, but f*ck'em. That's on them.

And to Tim Allen... c'mon now... if the worst thing Ricky Gervais says about you is "you pale in comparison to Tom Hanks," you got off light. YOU WERE IN HOME IMPROVEMENT AND THE SANTA CLAUSE FRANCHISE.

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