Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's the Little Things That Make 'The Boondocks' So Great

"Okay, I, I see you choosin' the haaaard way..."

Even though there have been some big topics tackled on this season of The Boondocks (Obama's election, emotionally-detached children, uh... prison rape), it's still the little things that make me laugh hardest of all.

It's the little pause that the Booty Warrior (above) leaves when he's about to rape Chris Hanson: "Don't make me ruin that butt... Chris, I'm a... I'm a warrior!" It's Tom's wife interrupting his speech about "those little boy's anuses" with Riley's new trademark phrase, "Pause." It's the dance the little blonde girl does in "The Red Ball" to show she indeed does not have a "permanent, severe limp."

I also continue to marvel at the way in which many comedians are able to make rape jokes - and make them funny - so long as the subject is male rape. One of the earliest jokes I can remember is George Carlin's:

"You don't think rape is funny? I can PROVE to you that rape is funny. Picture Porky Pig... raping Elmer Fudd."

Prison rape in particular, has been the butt of many a joke - no pun intended - over the years, with shows like Oz and even the occasional casual reference in Prison Break providing a wide variety of opportunities to lampoon the "rapey" element of prison culture.

The Patrice O'Neal Show - Coming Soon! also did a two-episode run entitled, "G*ddamn F*cking Woman Elevator Rapist" which, uh, examined the phenomenon of females who rape males... in elevators.

The "little thing" in the "Booty Warrior" episode was the background chatter during the "Scared Straight" portion. From Riley muttering "Pause," "Pause again" during one con's speech, to the inmate's additions ("I raped a few n****s myself!" "He ain't like it!" "Not that much!"). The episode also served as a much better vehicle for Tom's paralyzing fear of anal rape, even though his nightmares are often much more hilarious than the actual scenarios in which he ends up.

I'm not sure what it is about male rape that allows comedians and writers to joke effectively about it. Perhaps it's just a nervous reflex when it comes to subject that, really, no man wants to think about.

Regardless, Aaron McGruder and the Boondocks crew have succeeded again, and this final season is making a good run for the title of best yet.

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  1. So much buzz about the Boondocks...and I have yet to see one episode..I take it from your review it's worth my while..


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