Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Would You Read This Book?

So, based on the following description - which I've patterned after what you'd generally find on a book jacket - would you read this story? I've been working on a novel for a couple years now, and my recent tenuous employment situation has allowed me the time to finally wrap it up. I am editing it right now, and will be shopping it to publishers ASAP. But I'm trying to gauge potential reader interest, so let a brother know. The working title is Chupacabra:

Southern Delaware is just the right place for homicide detective Jack Trappone. He traded in hundreds of murders a year in his native Baltimore for the relatively sleepy streets of Redden Lake, where he spends his days fielding complaints about the town's illegal immigrants and occasionally catching a case. But lately, his days and nights are getting darker. A dangerous gang is making inroads into the local drug market. A strangely-dressed, badly mutilated body has turned up in the woods, and some folks in the Hispanic neighborhood think it is the work of the supposedly fictional 'chupacabra.' As he investigates the case, Jack will join the residents of Redden Lake in following the rabbit-hole deeper than they can imagine, into a terrifying new world where their nightmares are real enough to touch.

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  1. Guess it depends. I read a lot of crime drama. Is he just a detective or does he has some sort of power too? The cover and description would probably get me interested enough to at least read a few random pages inside before deciding. I am intrigued with that lack of explanation of what a chupucabra is.


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