Thursday, July 15, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD! Redman Mix: 'Funk Doc vs. the Beat Doc'

Click here to download as a single MP3 (the link will likely expire on July 22):


1. Double Deuces (Madlib Mix) feat. Method Man
2. Check'n Me Out feat. Def Squad
3. Get Dirty (Beat Doctor Remix)
4. So Ruff
5. Pick It Up
6. Funkorama (Beat Doctor Remix)
7. Father's Day feat. Method Man
8. Lookin' Fly
9. Blow Your Mind
10. The Game (Beat Doctor Remix) feat. Def Squad
11. Yeah Yeah You Know It (Beat Doctor Remix) feat. Def Squad
12. Love Me Now (Doom Mix) feat. Beenie Man
13. A-Yo! feat. Method Man & Saukrates
14. A Million and 1 Buddah Spots
15. How High, Pt. 2 (Beat Doctor Remix) feat. Method Man
16. Can't Wait (Beat Doctor Remix)
17. 'NIN' Interlude
18. Soopermanluva, Pt. 3
19. We Run N.Y. feat. Hurricane Gee

This mix was created to promote Redman, and not for profit. Be sure to check out Reggie Noble 9 1/2, slated for a fall release date!

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