Sunday, July 18, 2010

Outer-Space Soul with Georgia Anne Muldrow, a.k.a. Jyoti

I don't know if it's already been used, but if not, the otherworldly future-soul stylings of Ocotea would work perfectly as the soundtrack for any number of "Adult Swim" promo segments. The reverb-heavy, jazz-swingy sound is provided by Jyoti, alias Georgia Anne Muldrow, no stranger to this brand of soul.

It's just that her full, commanding voice is nowhere to be found. Jyoti is apparently an instrumentalist, content with creating shifting, interesting soundscapes.

"Blessed Matches" is awash in atonal piano and fluttering cymbals; "Language of the Flame" is plodding, tense and bouncy all at the same time, and "Unchanged Reverie" is almost a dub-reggae workout, peppered with snare drum and ghostly synth work.

Ocotea is almost like the score to a blaxploitation sci-fi movie that was never made... or kind of like if Ridley Scott had hired Sun Ra to do the "Blade Runner" soundtrack.

Whatever it is, it's well worth a listen. Muldrow and fellow Stones Thrower Dudley Perkins are at the forefront of out-there, P-Funkish, occasionally freeform neo-soul.
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